Technical Program

PC-ARIS-01 Room 627
Best Student Paper Competition
Chair: Prof. Wen-June Wang
Prof. Kao-Shing Hwang
Yu-Chun Chen, Shih-Tsung Ma, Li-Yang Hsu, Yun-Chen Lin, and Pei-Chun Lin
#1025 Design and Implementation of a Quadrupedal Crawling-Rolling Robot
08:30 National Taiwan University
Yen-Feng Su*, Alan Liu and Wei-Hong Lu
#1051 Improving Robot Grasping Plans with Affordance
08:45 *Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., National Chung Cheng University
Trung-Son Le and Chyi-Yeu Lin
#1055 GPU-accelerated image alignment for object detection in industrial applications
09:00 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Wei-Zh Lai, Han-Pang Huang, and Jian-Hang Chen
#1073 Real-time Control of a Humanoid Robot
09:15 National Taiwan University
Chun-Chieh Chan and Ching-Chih Tsai
#1086 Predictive Speed Alteration Strategy for Human Safety in Human-Robot Coexistence Environments
09:30 National Chung Hsing Unversity
Chih-Wei Chien, Ting-Nan Tsai, L.-F. Wu, N.-C. Fang, C.-Y. Liu, and Tzuu-Hseng S. Li
#1115 Deep Belief Network based Gaze Tracker for Auto-aiming System
09:45 National Cheng Kung University