Technical Program

PC-ARIS-02 Room 627
Best Presentation Paper Competition
Chair: Prof. Han Pang Huang
Prof. Huei-Yung Lin
Jhih Chen, Jen-Wei Wang, Hao-Hsun Hsu, Yu-Sheng Chiang, and Pei-Chun Lin
#1018 Design and Implementation of a Dung Beetle Robot
10:30 National Taiwan University
Shao-Fu Jiang, Kuu-Young Young, and Chun-Hsu Ko*
#1042 Real-time Control for an Upper-limb Exoskeleton Robot using ANFIS
10:45 National Chiao Tung University, *I-Shou University
Pham Ngoc Hung and Takashi Yoshimi
#1066 Programming Everyday Task Using Primitive Skills and Generative Model of Movement Demonstrated by Human
11:00 Shibaura Institute of Technology
Ching-Chih Tsai and Ting-Yu Lin
#1087 Design of a Collaborative Multi-Robot System Performing IOT-Based Intelligent Restaurant
11:15 National Chung Hsing University
Kao-Shing Hwang, Jia-Lin Lee, and Wei-Cheng Jiang
#1116 Intelligent Image Base Visual Servoing controller for Robot Arm
11:30 National Sun Yat-Sen University