Technical Program

TS-ARIS-08 Room 626
Intelligent Sensing and Manufacturing
Chair: Prof. Chin-Sheng Chen
Prof. Yen-Chen Liu
Bo Yi Li, He Lin, Hooman Samani, Laurel Sadler*, Timothy Gregory*, and Brian Jalaian*
#1015 On 3D Autonomous Delivery Systems: Design and Development
08:30 National Taipei University, *U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Yun-Jia Yeh and Huei-Yung Lin
#1032 Indoor Reconstruction and Localization System
08:45 National Chung Cheng University
Chin-Sheng Chen, Shan-Bin Liu, and Shih-Kang Chen
#1071 Smooth Path Planning for Intuitive Teaching of 6-DOF Manipulator Tasks
09:00 National Taipei University of Technology
Jen-Hao Cheng and Chi-Ying Lin*
#1106 A Force Sensorless Master-Slave Teleoperation Based on Sliding Observer
09:15 Industrial Technology Research Institute, *National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Chi-Hin Chao and Yen-Chen Liu
#1061 Design and Hardware Realization of Wheel-Shaped Object Labeling and Quality Inspection System
09:30 National Cheng Kung University
Chwan-Hsen Chen and Xu Chen*
#1110 Model-based Point Cloud Alignment with Principle Component Analysis for Robot Welding
09:45 Yuan-Ze University, *Fuzhou University