Technical Program

TS-ARIS-10 Room 626
Humanoid, Interactive and Intelligent Medical Systems with Its Applications
Chair: Prof. Yo-Ping Huang
Prof. Yi-Hung Liu
Wei-Chung Teng and Shih-Lin Chen
#1103 Reproducing Human Motions on a Humanoid Robot with Limbs of Non-orthogonal Rotation Axes
10:30 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Yu-Sin Wu and N. Michael Mayer
#1072 A New Type of Eye-on-hand Robotic Arm System Based on Low-cost Recognition System
10:45 National Chung Cheng University
Ping-Lang Yen and Chao-Yu Yang
#1099 Feasibility Study of a Palpation Device for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
11:00 National Taiwan University
Avichandra Singh, Yo-Ping Huang, and Haobijam Basanta
#1111 Using Transformed Fuzzy Neural Network for Medical Data Classification
11:15 National Taipei University of Technology
You-Ting Liao, Jia-Yush Yen, Ching-Yuan Chen, Ming-Chih Ho, and Yung-Yaw Chen
#1031 A Human Co-working Endoscope Holding Robot
11:30 National Taiwan University
Chen-Chan Wei, Jun-Ming Liu, Yi-Hung Liu
#1075 Development and Verification of a Multi-Channel EEG Measurement System
11:45 National Taipei University of Technology